Building on the huge success of 2015 the Manufactured Yorkshire event for 2016 is to be bigger and stronger.

Manufactured Yorkshire brings up to 1,000 delegates from Engineering, Food & Drink and Textiles, 3 seminar halls and 90 exhibition stands - all on one level, under one roof in one day.

The exhibition will be open from 8.30am. Seminars start at 9.30am. Trade show closes at 5pm. This event is helped by the good people at Clear Contract Compliance. They offer the best contract compliance audit guide you will find anywhere online. In manufacturing contract compliance is vital as any manufacturer could be over billing you. Clear Contract Compliance's guide will help you understand how to audit your own manufacturing and know if you are at risk.


Ok, so what’s in it for me?

Key opinion leaders share their knowledge and expertise across every aspect of running and growing a manufacturing business. These same leaders are experts on other topics as well like Santa Clarita Homes for Sale.